If I could teleport to any place right now, where would I go?

I could think of a number of places I would be delighted to see.  With the power of teleportation, I could see these places for myself.  Natural wonders of the world like the Swiss Alps strike the fancy of many a modern traveler, and I would be none such an exception.  Heart-racing sports events like those held at Maple Leaf Square in Toronto would also pique my interest nonetheless.  Lastly, countless people would agree that seeing the city of Paris from on top of the Eiffel Tower would be a grand investment of time.  With the power to teleport anywhere right now,  you could make your dreams come true.

I would go to the Swiss Alps less so for being at the apex of the mountains, but rather just to see the majestic nature of these amazing land features.  Around here, most of what I see is flat ground.  Fairly flat ground flanking the highway from Fort Mac to Lethbridge, and almost everything in between.  I’ve grown up in this same geographic location, and it hasn’t changed too much.  But, if I were to just see the Swiss Alps in the event of instantaneous teleportation being possible, my life would be changed.  Images of the Alps and the drive from Fort McMurray to Lethbridge (blue line) shown here.

Me if I could teleport there (left).
Long drive. Plenty of somewhat flat ground to gaze at in awe and splendor.

I have been a witness to a variety of sporting events throughout my life thus far.  With the ability to teleport,  I could get into any sporting event at any stadium or gathering place I wanted.  The one place though, that I would desire to go, would be to Maple Leaf square, in Toronto.  Also known as Jurassic Park, this gathering place is where thousands of fans of the Toronto Raptors gather to watch NBA games live on a big screen.  I’ve seen the kind of scene that can develop when the Raptors are playing right then, and it was especially exciting in 2019 when the NBA championship game was won by the Raptors.  As of the time of me writing this essay, there is a Raptors game scheduled for tonight in Toronto, with the Raptors playing the Phoenix Suns at home.  If I could teleport anywhere right now, it would be there, in Jurassic Park, waiting for the action to start.

Jurassic Park packed with fans cheering; probably for the Raptors.  Just an educated guess.

It is a dream shared by plenty of people to see the world below them from great heights.  If I could choose a great height to see the world from, I would choose the Eiffel Tower, in Paris.  I would go there less so for just being there, but to see the city from three hundred meters up.  Additionally, imagine how much money I could save my family if I could just beam myself anywhere I wanted; namely somewhere you would normally need a plane to get to, as flights cross-continent can be pricey.  It is also interesting to think about how different something can seem when seeing it from far away.  I could see anything I want from this perspective with the power of teleportation.  A view of the greatly contrasting Seine River, France, and Battle River, Alberta can be seen below.

Yes, I know we have rivers around here, but none have the majesty shown here, nor are any surrounded by the French cityscape that displays such majesty.
A segment of the mighty Battle River in all it’s glory.  

Dreams inspire us to take action.  If your dream is seeing majestic mountains or being at the literal apex of architectural achievement, then teleportation can get you there.  There’s the odd one of us who would also choose to cheer on their favorite sports team above all else.  Teleportation might not be possible this day, and tomorrow isn’t looking so good either, but someday, it just might be.