Three Songs I Never Get Sick of Hearing


I’ve listened to many songs in my life, at least so so far.  Some have stuck with me, and others passed me by as a fleeting memory.  Of the many songs I’ve heard, only a select few tend to stick with me, and even fewer I end up growing fond of.  There’s the odd song I find that I love just for the pure sake of it being a well-composed song with a great melody to it.  Other songs, while also being a masterstroke of musical composition, also have lyrics in combination with a melody that can bring about a sense of reflection on one’s self.  There are other songs as well that are in somewhat of a middle ground between the two; both having a fine melody and possessing the ability to make you think about something.  I find it awe-inspiring that music can do these things.

Money For Nothing, by Dire Straits (1985).  To begin, this song would fall under the prementioned category of just being a good song, in the sense that it has a pleasing melody.  I’ve known this song for a lot of years of my life.  Through all those years I can still listen to the song and take pleasure in hearing something so nice.  Some songs tend to really stick with you, and this song has done just that by it’s nothing less than catchy melody.

Hotel California, by Eagles (1976).  This song is similar and different from the aforementioned 80s pop hit.  Similarly, in the sense of it having a very pleasing melody, with great guitars and even it’s a fair share of the mandolin.  Although similar, this piece of music is different.  The message sent by the lyrics of this hit tells us about something completely different than the former.  The lyrics of this particular song have a tone to them that brings a feeling of perhaps mystery or existentialism.  When the song talks about being “prisoners…of our own device”(3:40) this, in its own way is descriptive of the human condition.  Our lives are defined every day by the choices we make.  Whether or not our lives revolve around positive or harmful choices, we may well end up being prisoners of our own device.

Stayin’ Alive, by the BeeGees (1977).  With this song, I find it to be somewhat of a middle ground between being a song I have a fondness for because of just how it appeals to the ears, and how it appeals to the soul.  Just as with the song described in the preceding paragraph, this song also has both a fine melody and composition, as well as lyrics that can make a person think.  When the song mentions “feel the city breaking and everybody shaking, people stayin’ alive”(0:39) this may mean that when at the same time of our lives being somewhat chaotic, this sort of danger may bring out energy from those of us who may be accustomed to a monotonous lack of such energy.  The same kind of energy can be understood just from listening to this piece of music.

Of the myriad of songs, there are in the world, each day we hear more.  Even though all three of these songs I never get sick of hearing were all made well before I was born, this doesn’t stop them from being extraordinary.  From songs that are just plain fun to listen to and enjoy, we can grow fond of that music.  Furthermore, other songs that are not only possessive of the aforementioned extraordinary qualities, but also bring about certain senses within the heart and mind.  Who knows, maybe your next favourite song will be released to the world tomorrow or has been released many years ago, and you’ve yet to discover it.