My Style of Learning

On the ‘My Blueprint’ website, I completed a survey meant to show what type of style I use to learn. The survey asked twenty questions, in the form of a brief explanation of a scenario or situation, I was given 3 actions to place in the order of most likely, or favorable actions at the top, a neutral action in the middle, and the least likely, or least favorable course of action, at the bottom. After the survey, I received a report of the questions I had responded to, which told me I was a visual-auditory learner, which meant I learned by looking, seeing, hearing, and listening, as seen below.

From studies on this same topic of learning styles in previous years, I had figured out prior to this survey that I was mainly a visual learner, and I also felt that I was also partly auditory. Furthermore, after completing the survey, I was not surprised to find out that I was more visual than anything else, as seen above by the big numbers in colour. However, I was surprised to find out that I was twenty-four percent a kinesthetic learner, while I always felt that I wasn’t nearly as much a kinesthetic learner as compared to visual or even auditory. However, it’s surprises like these that help us to greater understand ourselves.